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Michel Agnolo Florio, with his wife and son John arrived in Soglio on May 27th, 1555.


Wednesday May 27th 2015, 8.00 pm at Hotel Stüa Granda, Soglio.

The village of Soglio in year 1555

Presentation by Diego Giovanoli, expert in historical and artistic monuments of Graubünden.

John Florio writer and translator

Presentation by Saul Gerevini, scholar and expert of John Florio.


Libraries in Bregaglia are dedicating an evening where those  participating will be looking at better ways of understanding the Theatre. In the chair-for a discussion on Shakespeare's works - Stefano D'Archino.



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L'interno della chiesa di San Lorenzo a Soglio (GR-CH), dove predicò Michel Agnolo Florio.


Video of Bruno Bricalli.